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(FREE) Understanding the impact of the pandemic on your teenager

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About this course

The coronavirus pandemic affected us all differently, with lockdowns and social distancing limiting in-person social interactions. Understanding the impact of disrupted relationships and experiences on your child or children may help you understand their emotional health now.

Understanding the impact of the pandemic on your teenager has been tailored to address the significance of this disruption in adolescence, a major development period for emotional wellbeing. It could help you to better understand your teenager’s behaviour. You may have noticed that their interests have changed, or that they are more anxious, or you might be worried about their social life.

Understanding the impact of the pandemic on your teenager is a very short course designed to introduce some ideas about children’s emotional wellbeing and the impact of the pandemic. It is for all parents, grandparents and carers of teenagers and young people.

This short course follows three Modules, taking about twenty minutes to follow in total, and is designed by clinical psychologists, psychotherapists and, importantly, parents. For ideas on how to support your older child and nurture their emotional wellbeing, you may find our courses, Understanding your teenager’s brain, Understanding your child: from toddler to teenager or Understanding your child with additional needs helpful to you.

Understanding the impact of the pandemic on your teenager is designed for all parents in any situation, but you might find perhaps you begin to feel you would benefit from more personalised or specialist support, so there are some additional resources signposted throughout to guide you.

We know that there are many different families, with different backgrounds and shapes and sizes. We have tried to consider some of the different needs of families in this course, but it hasn't been possible to account for all backgrounds. If your personal situation isn’t reflected, we still hope that you find something helpful in the main ideas about developing close, connected relationships between parents and children and welcome your feedback to improve its relevance.


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