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(FREE) Understanding your preterm or sick baby now you're home

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About this course

There are two online courses for parents of premature or sick babies. The first is for parents of preterm or sick babies in hospital. The second is for parents of preterm or sick babies who are now at home.

This online course is for parents of premature or sick babies who have been discharged from hospital and are now at home. And for grandparents, friends and family...anyone who is involved with this baby, these twins, these triplets and any multiple birth.

We do not recommend that you do this course in one go! It can be helpful to have a break between Modules.

The course includes similar content to a postnatal group, but for parents of premature or sick babies who are now at home. The course covers sleeping, crying, feeding and childcare. And woven through the course is the relationship between you and your baby.

We know that many different families, with different backgrounds and shapes and sizes, find themselves in neonatal care. We have tried to consider some of the different needs of different families in this course: families with other children, in same sex relationships, with multiple babies etc. It hasn't been possible to account for all family backgrounds and so it is possible that you won't find your particular experiences in these modules. If that is the case, we still hope that you find something helpful in the main ideas about developing close, connected relationships between parents and babies.


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