9. Understanding your relationships

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About this course

This course is for anyone who is in a relationship.

'Understanding your relationships' covers feelings, communication, conflict in relationships, anger, repair and more.

Why would anyone want to do a course on understanding their relationships?

Well, you may want to celebrate it, you may want to give it a bit of an MOT or you may feel your relationship is in need of some attention. Maybe you feel you are drifting, or perhaps things have been difficult lately. You're looking for a way forward.

Relationships can be difficult, complicated, fun, satisfying, exciting, annoying, bring out the best in us, bring out the worst in us. We are often in one, but we don't often spend much time on them. So here's the chance!

Don't do this course all in one go though! Sometimes it's helpful to have a break after a couple of Modules to have some processing time. Sometimes there are Modules with home activities at the end and you'll need a pause to do them. Of course, you don't have to do the home activities, but most people do get a lot out of these and sometimes they are even enjoyable!

There is a certificate at the end of the course that you can download if you'd like to.


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